shenzhen salubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd.-九游会

 shenzhen salubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd.-九游会

talent concept

employees are the core competitiveness of salubris. we attach great importance to the sustainable development and training of talents, create development opportunities for employees, provide professional training and learning platforms, help employees improve their work performance and personal skills, and constantly pursue the harmony and unity of enterprise development and personal growth.

we always uphold the talent concept

  • talent selection

    we choose strugglers with innovation, fighting spirit, high sense of mission and responsibility; we welcome those who are good at learning, dare to fight hard and take responsibility to join us.

  • talent cultivation

    we are devoted to create an equal development platform for every employee and open up a variety of promotion channels; we advocate lifelong learning for employees and devoted  to provide multi-level and systematic training and learning opportunities.

  • talent employment

    we adhere to the talent concept of "struggler oriented", to put employees who have goals, dare to fight hard with excellent performance in important positions and promote them first.