shenzhen salubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd.-九游会

 shenzhen salubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd.-九游会

quality policy

committed to human health with outstanding medical products and services.

focusing on patients’ benefits, salubris steadily provide high-quality products meeting the requirements of the marking approval.

quality is the responsibility of everyone in salubris.
every effort is made to

1. develop standardized procedures to deliver high-quality products and services.

2. require external service providers and suppliers to adopt our quality requirements.

3. do things right in one time and go for perfection.

good quality management system
provide high-quality products for customers with good quality management system and excellent quality operation management.

quality control
complete each inspection strictly and efficiently to provide support data for product release.

high quality for sailing further
we strictly implement all kinds of quality assurances in accordance with gmp, continuously and steadily produce drugs meeting the intended use and registration requirements to win the recognition of patients and the market. salubris strives to open up the european union and overseas markets, and is becoming one of the few chinese enterprises with independent products entering developed countries and regions in europe and america so as to achieve development by leaps.

quality assurance

pass chinese gmp and eu gmp certification for many times.

establish perfect quality management system, strengthen production quality management, and effectively control quality risks on the basis of regulatory regulations and market approval requirements, incombination with global mainstream market cgmp and high industrial standard requirements and based on patients’ benefits. 

possess 600 sets of inspection instruments and precision devices, all of which are purchased from excellent suppliers in the industry.

take both accurate results and efficient process into account by daily average inspection capacity of 150 batches.