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 shenzhen salubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd.-九游会

salubris invested in m&a of huanchen medical to strengthen the layout of devices in the cardiovascular field

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onjune 8th, the signing ceremony of salubris's investment and m&a with suzhouhuanchen medical technology co., ltd. was held at salubris group headquarters.salubris will obtain 100% stock right of suzhou huanchen in stages with its owncapital of rmb 473 million, so as to obtain alpha drug-eluting coronary stent,which quickly enriches the equipment product pipeline in the cardiovascularfield and is another milestone in continuously improving the high-end productline in the cardiovascular field.


ye yuxiang, general manager of salubris, said that huanchen medical hascreated drug-eluting stent products with excellent performance through morethan ten years' efforts, and salubris is confident to fully show the advantagesof alpha stent in the market and jointly make the products bigger and stronger.


xulijian, chairman of huanchen medical, thanked salubris for its trust andbelieved that relying on salubris's platform, alpha stent will surely producegreater value.


ye chenghai, chairman of salubris, pointed out in his concluding speechthat salubris will push alpha stent to the first echelon of china's medicaldevice market.


after the m&a, with the help of salubris's professionalevidence-based medicine promotion advantages, abundant expert resources andchannel coverage ability, alpha stent will form medical equipment cooperationwith salubris's excellent products taijia and taijianing, providing acomprehensive treatment plan for pci surgery and enhancing salubris's positionas a comprehensive solution provider in cardiovascular field.