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updated progress of allisartan isoproxil and indapamide sustained-release tablets in phase 3 trial for the treatment of essential hypertension

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salubris announced the first patient has been enrolled in the phase 3 clinical trial of allisartan medoxomil and indapamide sustained-release tablets (project code: sal0108).

sal0108 is an arb/diuretic compound preparation for the treatment of essential hypertention, which is still in the phase iii clinical trial stage. salubris will conduct the clinical trial in accordance with the relevant regulations and requirements of national drug registration, and apply for production according to the procedures when the trial is completed successfully. sal0108 synergizing with our class 1.1 antihypertensive drug allisartan isoproxil, will cover different market segments and meet the unmet clinical needs after its launch.


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the "report on nutrition and chronic diseases of chinese residents (2020)" shows that the incidence of hypertension has increased compared to 2015. the prevalence of hypertension among chinese residents aged 18 and over is 27.5%, and more than 1 in every 4 adults are hypertensive.