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updated progress of s086 tablets in phase 3 clinical trial for the treatment of chronic heart failure

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latest progress

salubris, today announced the first patient has been enrolled in the phase 3 clinical trial of s086 for the treatment of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (hfref).

s086 is an angiotensin ii receptor- neprilysin dual inhibitor with target indications for hypertension and chronic heart failure (hfref), both of which are currently in phase iii clinical stage.

s086 independently developed by salubris is the second arni-type small molecule in the world to enter the clinic, with protective effects on target organs such as the heart and kidney.

after the product is launched, salubris will further enrich the innovative product pipeline in the cardiovascular field and enhance its comprehensive competitiveness in the field of chronic diseases. with the advantages of evidence-based medicine promotion, we can better meet unmet clinical needs and benefit patients.