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sal0112 tablet (for weight management) approved for clinical trial study

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latest progress

salubris, recently announced that its independently-developed innovative drug, sal0112(for weight management), has been approved by nmpa for phase 1 clinical trial study。

sal0112 tablet is an oral and small-molecule biased agonist of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (glp-1r). the indication for type 2 diabetes (t2dm) had been approved for phase 1 trial in early august. this trial is mainly aimed at indication for weight management in adults with obesity or overweight.

at present, the glp-1ras that have been listed in china are all peptide injections, whereas sal0112 tablet administered orally is less affected by factors such as diet and concomitant medications. if sal0112 is approved for marketing after a series of clinical trials, it will effectively improve the route of administration and the convenience of medication for patients, and enhance medication compliance.