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application for domestic clinical trial of sal008 injection was accepted

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latest progress

recently, salubris has received the acceptance notice issued by nmpa accepting the application for clinical trial of sal008 injection, a self-developed innovative first-in-class anti-tumor biological drug with intellectual property.


sal008 (jk08), a fusion protein of il-15/il-15rα complex and anti-ctla-4 antibody, was independently developed by salubrisbio, a subsidiary of salubris, for the treatment of advanced solid tumors.

previously, jk08 started a phase i clinical study after submitting a cta (european application for clinical trials) in europe, and recruiting is ongoing now.


basic information

drug name: sal008 injection

registry classification: 1 category

application information: registered clinical trials of domestic manufactured drugs

acceptance number: cxsl2200503  

acceptance instructions: according to the provisions of article 32 of the administrative licensing law of the people's republic of china, it is decided to accept it after examination.