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knowledge about renal anemia


renal anemia is an anemia caused by the decrease of erythropoietin (epo)production in kidney and some toxic substances in plasma interfering witherythropoiesis and shortening its life span when renal function is decreaseddue to various kidney diseases. if renal insufficiency is accompanied by irondeficiency, folic acid or vitamin b12 deficiency, or accompanied by blood losssuch as gastrointestinal bleeding, anemia also occurs.

chronic kidney disease(ckd) has become an important public health problem in china, and anemia is oneof the most common complications of ckd patients. with the decline of renalfunction, the incidence of anemia gradually increases, and the degree of anemiagradually increases. the prevalence rate of ckd in china accounts for about10.8% (120 million people) of adults, of which more than 50% are complicatedwith anemia; about half of the new dialysis patients were not corrected for anemiabefore dialysis, and the other half of the patients who had received treatmentalso had the problems of low compliance and poor compliance.

traditional combination therapy of esas iron has many limitations andweak compliance. therefore, drugs that can solve many unique problems ofinjection preparations and improve iron utilization function in vivo on thebasis of inducing endogenous epo by using biological response against hypoxiaare expected as new therapeutic drugs for renal anemia.


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