shenzhen salubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd.-九游会

 shenzhen salubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd.-九游会

warmly congratulate salubris on the formal establishment of its first american subsidiary

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onmay 1, local time in maryland, usa, salubris biotherapeutics, inc., awholly-owned subsidiary of genekey biotech (chengdu) co., ltd., held itsopening ceremony in gaithersburg, maryland, usa. salubris biotherapeutics, inc.was the first american subsidiary established by salubris. guests includingvice governor and councillor of maryland, mayor of gaithersburg, countymagistrate of montgomery county, mr. ye yuxiang, general manager of salubris,dr. xie heng, chief medical officer of salubris, and mr. peng hongwei, vicechairman of chengdu genekey attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

dr.john li, ceo of salubris biotherapeutics, presided over the opening ceremony,and expressed sincere welcome and sincere gratitude to the government officialsof maryland, gaithersburg and montgomery county who supported the company. said that the company will actively devote itself to the research anddevelopment of innovative drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular and tumordiseases, increase investment, and continue to grow and develop, thus becomingthe innovative source of salubris biomedicine.

maryland government officials congratulated and welcomed theestablishment of salubris biotherapeutics, fully affirming the positiveinfluence of salubris on maryland. to thank salubris for its contribution tothe community, gaithersburg mayor jud ashman designated may 1 as "salubrisday".

the establishment of salubris biotherapeutics, inc. indicates thatsalubris is accelerating the pace of biomedical innovation and research andimproving the global industrial layout. it is an important milestone ofsalubris's international development strategy to fully develop, utilize andintegrate high-quality medical resources in the united states, further expandbusiness development space, enhance economies of scale, and enhance corecompetitiveness and international influence.