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with the successful market launch of pitavastatin calcium tablets, salubris have involved in lipid-lowering, antihypertensive and antithrombotic field

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recently,salubris's pitavastatin calcium tablets 2mg (trademark: xinliming) was approvedfor market launch. so far, salubris have involved in lipid-lowering,antihypertensive and antithrombotic filed, further strengthening its dominantposition in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular industry chain.

pitavastatincalcium tablets is used for treating hypercholesterolemia and familialhypercholesterolemia. pitavastatin calcium tablets belongs to the thirdgeneration statins, has lower effective dose, and is hardly metabolized byliver drug metabolizing enzyme p450 (cyp,  cyp2c9 has very little metabolism), whichreduces possible drug interactions. pitavastatin calcium tablets is a class bproduct of medical insurance.

xinliming (pitavastatin calcium tablets) is the first product in chinaof which the bioequivalence test have been completed according to therequirements of consistency evaluation, which is regarded as passing theconsistency evaluation. the market launch of this product fills the gap ofsalubris in the field of reducing blood lipid. the combination withantihypertensive products-xinlitan (allisartan isoproxil tablets) and xindayi (benazeprilhydrochloride tablets), antithrombotic products-taijia (clopidogrel bisulfatetablets), taiyi (ticagrelor tablets) and taijianing (bivalirudin for injection)further strengthens salubris's dominant position in the cardiovascular andcerebrovascular industry chain, and will have a positive impact on futureperformance improvement and long-term development.

asof april 30, 2019, the number of salubris's products that have passed or aredeemed to have passed the consistency evaluation has reached 6. except taijia(clopidogrel bisulfate tablets), the other five products: xinminting(desloratadine tablets), xinliming (pitavastatin calcium tablets), xintongan(levetiracetam sustained-release tablets), taiyi (ticagrelor tablets) andxindayi (benazepril hydrochloride tablets) all passed the consistencyevaluation exclusively. (source of consistency evaluation data: insightdatabase of