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breaking news! salubris's super product taiyi (ticagrelor) was approved for marketing!

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exciting!recently, taiyi (ticagrelor), a super product in cardiovascular field ofsalubris pharmaceuticals, was approved for marketing, winning the first placeand taking the lead in the market.

after taiyi is launched, it will complement the advantages of the othertwo super products of the company, taijia and taijianing, in the antithromboticfield, and provide better treatment programs for the majority of patients withthe help of professional and standardized evidence-based medicine promotion.

ticagrelor is a direct-acting, reversibly binding p2y12 plateletinhibitor, which is used in patients with acute coronary syndrome, includingpatients receiving drug therapy and pci therapy, to reduce the incidence ofthrombotic cardiovascular events. due to its excellent curative effect,ticagrelor was included in the national medical insurance negotiation cataloguein july 2017.

ticagrelor has great market potential, and more than 20 pharmaceuticalcompanies in china are competing to develop and research ticagrelor, thus thecompetition is extremely fierce. after taking the lead in completing thebioequivalence experiment, salubris was the first to submit the marketing applicationin march 2017, and obtained the priority evaluation qualification as "thefirst generic drug". the first generic drug approved of taiyi is a furtheraffirmation of salubris's excellent research and development capability. it isworth mentioning that, in 2017, salubris successively launched patentchallenges to astrazeneca, the innovator  ofticagrelor, and achieved success. in october and november 2017, astrazeneca'sticagrelor compound and crystal form patents were declared invalid, and injanuary 2018, astrazeneca's ticagrelor intermediate patents were declaredinvalid, which broke through the moat of innovator drug patents and paved theway for the first generic drug marketing.

with the high level of cardiovascular diseases in the world, the marketof antithrombotic drugs has gradually attracted much attention. among theantithrombotic drugs available at present, antiplatelet aggregation drugs playan important role, and there is no doubt that taiyi will become a new force inthe antiplatelet aggregation drug team.

warmly congratulate taiyi on its approval for marketing, and bring goodnews to patients with acute coronary syndrome!