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salubris's first biological product "recombinant teriparatide for injection" was approved for marketing

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recently, genemen biotech (suzhou) co., ltd., a subsidiary of shenzhensalubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd., received the drug registration approval document of "recombinant teriparatidefor injection" (xinfutai) approved and issued by national medical productsadministration.


recombinant teriparatide for injection (xinfutai) is suitable for thetreatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women with high risk of fracture.

osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease characterized by low bone massand degeneration of bone microstructure, accompanied by increased bonefragility and easily fracture. the epidemiological survey of osteoporosis amongchinese residents in 2018 shows that osteoporosis has become an importanthealth problem for people over 50 years old in china, especially formiddle-aged and elderly women. however, osteoporosis usually has no obviousclinical manifestations in the early stage. if ignored, it will lead to pain,spinal deformation, fracture and other conditions with high disability andmortality, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients. inaddition, there are a large number of people with low bone mass in china, whichis a high-risk group of osteoporosis. the low bone mass rate among people aged40-49 reaches 32.9%.

salubris (suzhou) pharmaceutical co., ltd.

teriparatide can regulate new bone synthesis to increase bone mass andimprove bone structure, which becomes one of the ideal drugs for treatingosteoporosis.

recombinant teriparatide for injection (xinfutai) is the firstbiological product launched by salubris, which further enriches the producttypes of the company and fills the gap in the field of orthopedics. at present,salubris has 15 projects under research in the field of biopharmaceuticals,including 8 innovative drugs. in the future, salubris will continue to strengthen the mediumand long-term product planning in the field of biopharmaceuticals, providingnew impetus for the long-term development of the company.

genemen biotech (suzhou) co., a holding subsidiary of shenzhensalubris pharmaceuticals co., ltd. as the key sector of salubris biomedicaldevelopment, it has built prokaryotic fermentation workshop, preparationworkshop and the most advanced intelligent 2000l flexfactory antibodyproduction line in china, which can carry out industrial transfer and commercialproduction of products at the same time.


①data source: epidemiological survey results of osteoporosis in china releasedby the national health commission of the people's republic of china on october19, 2018