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salubris obtained the exclusive license for the super innovative product with the treatment of renal anemia

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on december 25, 2019, salubris formally signedan agreement with japan's japan tobacco inc. (hereinafter referred to as"jt") at its headquarters in shenzhen, obtaining the exclusivedevelopment, commercialization and sublicense rights of enarodustat (code:jtz-951) owned by jt in the chinese market (including hong kong specialadministrative region, macao special administrative region and taiwan), furtherenriching the company's innovative product pipeline.

mr. ye yuxiang, ceo of salubris, said that the introduction of enarodustat will effectively expand salubris's superior product line and quickly enrich innovative products in the field of chronic disease, and we will make our best effort to promote enarodustat to be marketed in china as soon as possible and provide more excellent treatment options for patients with renal anemia in china.

mr. fujimoto, president of jt pharmaceutical department, believes that salubris is the best partner of enarodustat in china, and said that jt will fully support salubris's development of enarodustat in china to accelerate the approval of products and achieve success in commercialization.

the exclusive license of enarodustat in the chinese market is a new exploration of nephropathy by salubris. at the same time, the introduction of enarodustat will be highly coordinated with salubris's arb innovative antihypertensive drug allisartan isoproxil tablets in terms of expert resources, promotion departments and target patients. in addition to hypertensive patients, arb drugs are also widely used in non-hypertensive patients in nephrology, which is one of the most widely used treatment schemes for reducing proteinuria in nephrology and plays an important role in delaying the progression of ckd.

salubris will continue to focus on innovation in research and development, new technology introduction, and take opportunity to strengthen international collaboration in the development of innovative drugs, integrate the resources of all parties, give full play to the synergy effect, and better meet more unmet clinical needs.

about enarodustat

enarodustat is an oral active hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor (hif-phi) developed by jt and has a global patent. the developed indication is renal anemia. at the same time, the "oxygen sensing mechanism" which enarodustat is based on won the nobel prize in physiology or medicine in 2019.

renal anemia is one of the most common complications in patients with chronic kidney disease (ckd). the prevalence rate of ckd in china accounts for about 10.8% (about 120 million people) of adults, and more than 50% of them are complicated with anemia. [1] at present, the standard treatment method of renal anemia is erythropoietin (epo) substitute drugs (such as erythropoiesis stimulant) combined with intravenous iron and subcutaneous injection.

compared with the existing treatment methods, as a new small molecule oral preparation, enarodustat has a clear mechanism of improving anemia, which can not only promote the production of endogenous erythropoietin, but also improve the utilization of iron. jt submitted its marketing application in japan in november 2019 and then obtained the approval.


[1]zhang l, wang f, wang l, et al. prevalence of chronic kidney disease in china: a cross⁃sectional survey[j]. lancet, 2012, 379 (9818): 815~822.