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super! maurora ® rapamycin drug-eluting vertebral artery stent system was approved for market launch

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recently, alain medical (beijing) co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as"alain medical ") received the medicaldevice registration certificate approved and issued by national medicalproducts administration, and the maurora® rapamycin drug-eluting vertebralartery stent system (hereinafter referred to as "maurora® stent")was approved for market launch.

maurora ® stent is independently developed by alain medical, which isused to treat ischemic stroke caused by intracranial or extracranial vertebralartery stenosis.


maurora ® rapamycin drug-eluting vertebral artery stent system

in 2016, the number of new stroke cases was 5.51 million, theage-standardized incidence rate increased by 5.4% in the past 20 years,and ischemic cerebrovascular diseases accounted for about 70%.the research results of cicas show that 46.6% of patients with ischemic strokehave severe vascular stenosis, more than 50% of patients meet the surgicalindications, and 75%-99% of patients with severe intracranial artery stenosishave a risk of recurrent stroke as high as 5%. it is estimated thatin 2025, more than 1 million patients with cerebrovascular stenosis need stenttreatment.

the launch of maurora ® stent will meet the unmet clinical needs incerebrovascular field to a certain extent, further enrich the layout ofsalubris's medical equipment products in cardiovascular and cerebrovascularfield, and enhance its ability to provide comprehensive solutions in thisfield.

about maurora ® stent

maurora® stent is a ball-expanded cobalt-chromium alloy rapamycindrug-eluting stent, which has been rigorously clinically verified by bothintracranial artery (middle cerebral artery and vertebrobasilar artery) andvertebral artery (including vertebral artery opening). it is suitable fordilation of symptomatic extracranial vertebral artery stenosis. in the product,rapamycin is applied to the treatment of cerebral vascular stenosis for thefirst time, and its unique high biocompatibility coating ensures the stablerelease of drugs and avoids the occurrence of adverse reactions.

about alain medical

alain medical has rich technical accumulation in the application ofcobalt-chromium alloy, nickel-titanium alloy materials and drug coating, andundertakes the research and development and production of nerve interventionaland peripheral vascular interventional instruments. in 2017, it was recognizedas a high-tech enterprise.


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