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salubris introduced carlyle strategic investment

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recently,ca roam holdings, an affiliated company of carlyle asia phase v fund under thecarlyle group, a global investment company, invested usd 260 million topurchase about 5% of the total share capital of salubris.

china's pharmaceutical market is entering a stage of high quality, highcost performance and innovation, which gives the leading enterprises in thepharmaceutical industry, especially those that have successfully transformedand established innovative drug pipelines, the opportunity to win a largermarket share.

in recent years, salubris has been actively deploying innovative drugsin the world. in the field of chronic disease treatment, salubris has a numberof innovative products under research at different clinical stages, includingjk07, an innovative biopharmaceutical against heart failure has been submittedto fda and nmpa for registration application, which has become a leadingenterprise in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease treatmentin china.

salubris and carlyle will give full play to their respective advantagesin the biomedical field and reach deep cooperation in the following fields,including: making full use of carlyle's experts and consultants withinternational vision to help salubris achieve its vision of internationalbusiness layout; making full use of carlyle's rich clinical resources in europeand america to help salubris accelerate the research and development process ofglobal innovative products; making use of broad commercial channel resources toopen up overseas markets for innovative products for salubris; making use ofcarlyle's global project resources and professional teams to provide supportfor salubris's m&a at home and abroad, so as to promote salubris's todevelop into an international innovative pharmaceutical enterprise and achievewin-win cooperation between both parties.

yang ling, managing director of carlyle asia m&a team, said:"we are very happy to have the opportunity to invest in salubris. salubrisis one of the leading enterprises in china's pharmaceutical market and a leaderin cardiovascular field. in recent years, salubris has made great progress indeveloping innovative drugs and expanding its product portfolio by building astrong self-research team, strategic m&a and authorized introduction. wefully recognize the achievements of general manager ye and his team, and look forwardto making full use of carlyle's global medical resources and contacts tovigorously support salubris to expand its business and take it to a new level."

yeyuxiang, director and general manager of salubris, said: "the pattern ofchina's pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing, and salubris will focuson further enriching the product pipeline of innovative drugs and continue tostrengthen the company's leading position in the cardiovascular field. carlyleis one of the largest private equity investment companies in the world, withrich experience in the field of medical and health care. carlyle's globalresources and network will bring extraordinary value to salubris to optimizeits operations and expand its international influence. we are pleased towelcome carlyle as our partner and look forward to long-term cooperation withcarlyle. "

about the carlyle group

founded in 1987, the carlyle group is a global investment company withdeep industry knowledge, mainly investing in four core business areas:corporate private equity, physical assets, global credit and investmentsolutions. the group invests in aviation defense, consumer retail, health care,financial services, energy, industry, technology, telecommunications, media andtransportation. as of june 30, 2020, carlyle had an asset management scale ofusd 221 billion and more than 1,800 employees in 31 offices on six continents.

up to now, carlyle has invested more than 80 projects in the globalmedical and health field, with a total equity investment of more than usd 13.4billion. its investments in china include adicon, a third-party independentmedical inspection institution, ambiopharm. inc., a global manufacturer of polypeptideraw materials, microport, a high-tech medical equipment manufacturer, andzhongmei healthcare group, a leading medical group. carlyle's global medicalinvestment includes ppd, a leading global contract research organization, amri,a medical and pharmaceutical product research and development service providerand active ingredient and over-the-counter drug manufacturer in the unitedstates, medpointe, a drug manufacturer in the united states, and inova, a drugmanufacturer and distributor in australia.