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significant progress has been made in the application for clinical trials of two compound antihypertensive drugs of salubris

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recently, salubrisreceived the notice of approval ofclinical trials approved and issued by national medical productsadministration, which means that salubris was approved to carry out clinicaltrials of "allisartan isoproxil amlodipine besylate tablets". inaddition, the application for clinical trial of "allisartan isoproxilindapamide sustained-release tablets" was accepted.

hypertension is themost common chronic non-communicable disease in china, and it is also thebiggest inducement of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. according tothe results of hypertension sampling survey published by the national centerfor cardiovascular diseases during the 12th five-year plan period, theprevalence rate of hypertension among people over 18 years old in china was23.2%, the number of patients was 245 million [1], and the prevalence rate isstill on the rise.

at present, salubrishas deployed many innovative drugs in the field of hypertension, includingallisartan isoproxil tablets (xinlitan), allisartan isoproxil amlodipine besylate tablets, allisartanisoproxil indapamide sustained-release tablets, sacubitril allisartan calcium(s086) and so on.

allisartan isoproxilamlodipine besylate tablets is arb/ccb compound preparation, and allisartan isoproxil indapamidesustained-release tablets is arb/diuretic compound preparation, the indications of which are alltentatively antihypertensive. after two compound antihypertensive drugs are approvedfor marketing, they will form strategic synergy with the class 1.1antihypertensive drug allisartan isoproxil tablets on the market, furtherexpanding the application scope of allisartan isoproxil tablets and prolongingthe product life cycle, which will meet the needs of patients with differentdiseases in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular fields, enrich the productlayout of the company, and further enhance and consolidate the comprehensivestrength and competitive advantage of the company in cardiovascular andcerebrovascular diseases and related fields.

salubris will fully promote the clinical trial ofallisartan isoproxil amlodipine besylate tablets according to the relevantregulations and requirements of national drug registration.


[1]wangz, chen z, zhang l, et al. status of hypertension in china: results from thechina hypertension survey, 2012-2015[j]. circulation, 2018, 137(22): 2344-2356.