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allisartan isoproxil indapamide sustained-release tablets was approved for clinical trials

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recently, salubris received the notice of approval of clinical trials approved and issued by national medical products administration, which meansthat salubris was approved to carry out clinical trials of allisartan isoproxilindapamide sustained-release tablets.

allisartanisoproxil indapamide sustained-release tablets is the exclusivearb/thiazide-like diuretic sustained-release compound preparation being developedbysalubris. the indication to be developed isantihypertensive, and no domestic enterprises have declared similar products sofar. after the product is approved for marketing, it will form strategicsynergy with the class1.1 antihypertensive drug allisartan isoproxiltablets on the market, covering different market segments, further meetingclinical needs, expanding the application scope of allisartan isoproxiltablets, prolonging the product life cycle of allisartan isoproxil tablets, andenriching the innovative product pipeline in the cardiovascular andcerebrovascular fields of the company.

salubriswill carry out clinical trials of allisartan isoproxil indapamidesustained-release tablets according to the relevant regulations andrequirements of national drug registration. after the clinical trials aresuccessful, salubris will apply for production according to procedures.


① the data is cited from the official website ofnational medical products administration: