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salubris announces clinical trial approval of sal0114 tablet – potential clinical depression treatment candidate

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recently, salubris received the notice on clinical trial approval issued by the national medical products administration, and the clinical trial was agreed to start.

sal0114 tablet is a compound independently developed bysalubris, potential candidate for the treatment of clinical depression.

clinical depression is a common mental disease. the studies showthat the prevalence of depressive disorder is up to 2.1% in china; the life-time prevalence of depressive disorder inchinese adults is 6.8%, and thepatients with depressive disorder have low utilization of hygiene services andrarely obtain sufficient treatment. most of the currently marketedanti-depressants takes severe weeks to take effect, and the clinical demand isunmet. with the improvement of living standards and the public’s enhancedawareness of mental health, the anti-depressant market is expected to becontinuously expanded. successful r&d and approval for marketing of sal0114tablet will further meet the potential clinical demand and provide the patientswith more treatment options.

salubris will carry out the clinical trial in accordance with thenational drug registration regulations and requirements. upon successfulclinical trial results, salubris will apply for production approval

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