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nmpa approves clinical trials with sal0114 tablets for ad agitation

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salubris pharmaceuticals (sz code:002294)today announces that china national medical productsadministration (nmpa) has approved the phase i clinical trial application ofsal0114 tablets for the treatment of patients with ad agitation.

nmpa approved previously the phase iclinical trial application of sal0114 tablets for the treatment of patientswith clinical depression.

at present, there is no drug approved forthe treatment of patients with ad agitation worldwide. the successful launch ofsal0114 tablets will further meet the huge unmet clinical needs and provide newmedication options for patients.

in future,with the core value of "patient-centered” in mind, salubrispharmaceuticals will continue to make efforts in the drive of pharmaceutical r& d and innovation, focusing on unmet clinical needs to provide excellentpharmaceutical products for human health.

for alzheimer’s disease (ad)

alzheimer's disease (ad) as a complexneurodegenerative disease, is the most common type of dementia. due to its complex and inconclusive pathogenesis ,  lack of proper understanding of the diseaseis the underlying cause of the absence of drugs that can reverse the course ofthe disease . the prevalence of alzheimer's disease in china among aged 65 years andolder is 4.2% in the northern region and 2.8% in the southern region. among them, the prevalence increases year by year with age. alzheimer'sdisease is typically characterized clinically by a progressive decline incognitive function and executive performance, and a range of neuropsychiatricsymptoms (nps) that accompany the entire course of the disease. among all thenpss, the most common symptoms are indifference and depression; however,agitated behavior is one of the most harmful behaviors that afflict patientsand their families.


advances in the treatmentof agitation associated with alzheimer's disease

authoraffiliation: department of neurology, the second affiliated hospital of harbinmedical university, harbin, heilongjiang 

correspondingauthor: zhang xuemei

research progress in targets of alzheimer's diseaseand related drugs

author:wang jiafan, chen song, gao xiangdong

practical internal medicine (15th edition)