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clinical progress of sal0108 for the treatment of primary hypertension

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latest progress

recently, salubris announced the enrollment for phase 3 trial of allisartan isoproxil and indapamide sustained-release tablets (project code: sal056) has been completed.

sal0108 is an arb/diuretic compound preparation, which is suitable for primary hypertension patients with poor blood pressure control after allisartan mono-therapy. in may 2022, the first patient in the phase 3 trial was enrolled. all patients have been enrolled successfully now.

after the launch of the product, it will form a strategic synergy with xinlitan (allisartan isoproxil tablets), a class 1.1 antihypertensive marketed drug, to cover a broader population of hypertensive patients and provide patients with more medication options.


clinical trial related

this is a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, and parallel-controlled phase 3 clinical trial designed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of sal0108 in patients with primary hypertension who cannot effectively control blood pressure with allisartan monotherapy. the pi (principal investigator) is prof. jinxiu lin, director of the department of cardiology, the first affiliated hospital of fujian medical university and vice chairman of the chinese hypertension league.