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using ai-enabled drug discovery tools, salubris has partnered with alphamol to develop innovative drugs for obesity

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recently, salubris has entered into an agreement with shenzhen alpha molecular technology co., ltd. (alphamol) to jointly develop new drugs. the two parties will carry out in-depth r&d cooperation in the field of anti-obesity drugs, jointly promote the intelligent upgrade of drug development using ai (artificial intelligence), and accelerate the benefit of innovation to patients.

in recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has set off a boom in the r&d of ai-enabled innovative drugs. ai drug development is the introduction of artificial intelligence technology in relevant application scenarios in the process of innovative drug development, so as to achieve the purpose of developing new drugs in a shorter time and at lower cost. at present, ai technology has emerged in the fields of drug target discovery, drug candidate molecular mining, compound screening and new indication exploration.

via combining salubris' best-in-class drug discovery, development and clinical translation capabilities with alphamol's powerful biocomputing, artificial intelligence and original biotechnology, this collaboration will accelerate the discovery of drug molecules with potential anti-obesity targets. at present, there are very few oral small molecule drugs for the treatment of obesity in the world, with a lot space for improvement in efficacy and safety. through the strong combination of both company’s expertises, the timeliness and success rate of innovative drug research and development will be further improved.

this is the first external cooperation of salubris in the layout of ai drug pipeline, which will help upgrade and reform drug r&d technology. in the future, salubris will continue to  embrace the innovation-driven strategy and make use of ai to advance faster, better and further on the innovation.


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about shenzhen alpha molecular technology co., ltd

alphamol is headquartered in shenzhen, focusing on innovative drug development using biocomputing, artificial intelligence and original biotechnology. the company's partners, dr. shuguang yuan and academician horst vogel, are among the world's top 2% scientists. the team has rich experience in promoting the development of "first-in-class" new drugs, and has invented a series of world-first biotechnology, including: the world's first optical biochip to test g protein-coupled receptor protein, the world's first biochip to test cell electrophysiology, the world's first biochip to track single molecule cells, etc.


about obesity

obesity is a common chronic disease, often accompanied by many serious metabolic complications, such as hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and so on. currently, more than 700 million people worldwide are obese, and the prevalence is still rising. obesity has become a major public health problem that endangers global health.

according to the report on nutrition and chronic diseases of chinese residents (2020), the overweight/obesity rate of all age groups in urban and rural areas continued to rise. the overweight and obesity rates of chinese residents aged 18 and above were 34.3% and 16.4%, respectively, accounting for more than 50%. by 2030, the combined prevalence of overweight/obesity in chinese adults is projected to reach 65.3%, and the medical expenses attributable to overweight/obesity in china will reach 418 billion yuan, accounting for about 21.5% of the total national medical expenses.


① on october 10, 2022, the team of professor john p.a.ioannidis of stanford university released the 4th of the world's top 2% top scientists list based on the scopus database.