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speeding up the innovation, salubris moves into the era of rna drugs

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recently, salubris announced that it has entered into a development agreement with anlong biopharmaceutical co., ltd. the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the research and development of rnai drugs in the field of hypertension.

under the agreement, anlong bio will be responsible for the discovery and early development of the project using its proprietary anog rnai technology platform. salubris is responsible for the later stage development, clinical trials and marketing of the products. salubris will get the exclusive worldwide research, development and commercialization rights of the drug candidates, and both parties will share future market and commercial interests.

rnai is one of the most rapidly developed gene therapy and is becoming the core of the third wave of global biological drug research and development. compared with the existing small molecule and antibody drugs, it has the advantages of fast target screening, high success rate, difficulty to form drug resistance, a wider range of treatment areas and long-term performance, etc.. its application prospect in the field of chronic diseases such as lipid lowering and anti-hypertension is inestimable.

hypertension, as one of the most common chronic diseases, has a variety of existing treatments. however, the drugs need to be taken every day, and the curative effect requires high compliance. in addition, the awareness, treatment and control rate of the disease is still very low, and there are huge unmet clinical needs. therefore, there is great value in developing new antihypertensive drugs.

this cooperation marks the formal entry of salubris into the emerging field of rnai drugs. salubris will apply the advantages of rnai drugs to the field of hypertension, develop more new and good drugs, enrich the product pipeline in the field of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and provide more and better solutions for patients with chronic diseases.


about anlong biopharmaceutical co., ltd

founded in 2019, anlong bio is an innovative drug development company focusing on rna drugs and gene therapy. anlong bio has developed a series of liver targeting and extrahepatic rnai drugs using its proprietary anog rnai drug development platform, including gal-mola rna drug delivery carrier, ap oligonucleotide modification and aav-luc transgenic animal screening model.

about hypertension

high blood pressure is a serious cardiovascular disease that significantly increases the risk of heart, brain, kidney and other diseases and is a leading cause of premature death worldwide.

about 245 million people in china suffer from hypertension, of which the prevalence rate among adults over 18 is about 27.9 percent, according to the china cardiovascular health and disease report 2021 released by the national cardiovascular disease center.