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sal008 injection for the treatment of advanced solid tumors approved for clinical trial

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latest progress

recently, salubris’ innovative anti-tumorbiological drug sal008 injection has been approved by nmpa to conduct phase i clinicaltrial for the indication of advanced solid tumors.

sal008 (jk08), independently developed by salubrisbio, aninnovative biological drug research and development platform in the us, asubsidiary of salubris, is intended to be used for the treatment of advancedsolid tumors.

previously, phase 1 trial for jk08 was initiated after thesubmission of the cta (european clinical trial application) in europe, andpatients have been enrolled.

if sal008 (jk08) is successfully developed andapproved for marketing, it is expected to reduce the frequency of drugadministration, make drug administration more convenient, and improve patientcompliance, which has great development potential.