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clinical trial approved! good news for sal0133 tablets

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latest progress

recently, sal0133 tablets, an innovative small moleculeindependently developed by salubris, has been approved by nmpa to carry outphase i clinical trial for the treatment of mild/common covid-19 in adults.

preclinical studies have shown that sal0133 cansignificantly reduce the viral load in lung tissue and improve lunginflammation in animal model of sars-cov-2 infection, and the dose that significantly reduced the viral load was lowerthan that of nematavir.

non-clinical pharmacokinetic study confirmedthat sal0133 showed good oral absorption property, good permeability, high oralbioavailability, long half-life, good metabolic stability, and high oralexposure. glp toxicology studies demonstrated that sal0133 has a good safetyprofile.

if it is successfully developed and approved for marketing, itwill provide patients with new drug options to meet the unmet clinical needs.