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enarodustat(恩那罗®) approved by nmpa for treatment of renal anemia (abstract) nmpa approved enarodustat(恩那罗®)

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great news

recently, salubris announced that the marketing authorization of enarodustat has been granted by nmpa, drug approval numbers including : h20233662, h20233663, h20233664.


brand-new option for patients with renal anemia

enarodustat, a new generation of hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor (hif-phi), was approved for the treatment of non-dialysis-dependent patients with anemia caused by chronic kidney disease (referred to as renal anemia).

the action of enarodustat on hif-ph is more reasonable, which improves erythropoiesis steadily through increasing endogenous production of erythropoietin levels within or near normal physiologic range. the profile of enarodustat is superior, represented by well tolerance, oral administration once daily with good medication compliance, no need to adjust the dosage according to body weight, and the low risk of drug interaction.  (source: phase iii clinical trial results and the labels).

the launch of enarodustat will enormously address the unmet medical needs in the field of nephrology, form strategic synergy with the innovative drug of arb, xinlitan(allisartan isoproxil tablets), and boost the high-quality development of salubris in cardiovascular area.