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vena cava filter system (saexten®) approved by nmpa

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latest progress

recently, salubris announced that the "vena cava filter system" (saexten®) independently developed by its subsidiary company, shenzhen kyd biomedical technology co., ltd., was approved for marketing by nmpa.

structure diagram of vena cava filter

the innovative design of the saexten®filter provides excellent centrality, easy retrievability and prolonged dwell time. as a new type of retrievable filter with prolonged dwell time window, it can achieve safe removal when clinical symptoms reach the retrieval indication.

diagram of thrombus capture by vena cava filter

the vena cava filter placement procedure is usually quick and easy to perform and important for the prevention of pulmonary embolism. the launch of saexten®will further enrich salubris' product pipeline of peripheral vascular intervention devices and enhance its ability to provide comprehensive solutions in this field.

basic product information:

· product name: vena cava filter system

· application: the product is inserted percutaneous via a femoral vein or a transjugular approach to prevent pulmonary embolism (pe) caused by dislodged emboli in the inferior vena cava system.

· registration certificate number: national instrument registration 20233131135

· registration category: third category

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